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        Tunnelling Association of Canada
        Association canadienne des tunnels
        IMAGE: Evergreen Line Tunnel, Coquitlam, BC, 2015
        The Tunnelling Association of Canada (TAC) brings together Canadian, North American and International individuals and firms to promote and advance Canadian tunnelling and underground excavation technologies and to represent the interests of the tunnelling and underground excavation community in matters of technical and public concern.

        Through association-sponsored meetings, course, workshops and conferences held across Canada, TAC encourages excellence and safety in the design, construction and maintenance of tunnels and underground excavations.

        As the Canadian representative body of the International Tunnelling Association (ITA) the Tunnelling Association of Canada helps ensure Canadian tunnelling practitioners are connected to a world-wide network of experts keeping Canadian practice at the highest standards of international excellence.
        TAC 2022 Vancouver Call for Abstracts Now Open!
        The TAC 2022 Vancouver conference website is now live at ...
        Videos of TAC's 2021 Achievement Award Winning Projects and Individuals are now Online
        We are pleased to recognize Frank Policicchio as the 2021 ...
        Mar 31 2022
        Toronto, Ontario
        Current and Future Tunnel Projects in Ontario
        Current and Future Tunnel Projects in Ontario Thursday, March 31, 2022 Presenters: ...
        Sep 2, 8 2022
        Copenhagen, Denmark
        2022 World Tunnel Congress
        The 2022 World Tunnel Congress has received over 300 papers ...
        Nov 2, 4 2022
        Vancouver, BC
        TAC 2022 Vancouver Conference
        The Tunnelling Association of Canada's 2022 conference will run from ...